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TH9 LavaLoon Attack

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1TH9 LavaLoon Attack Empty TH9 LavaLoon Attack on Sat Aug 20, 2016 11:55 am

The LavaLoon is a great attack to use on TH9 bases when the Archer Queen is exposed on an outside edge.  She's the greatest threat to your balloons.  So if you can defeat her with a few ground troops that will make everything much easier for the rest of the attack.

Coventional wisdom says to take one more lavahound than the surviving air defenses.  So if you can take out one with spells and another with your heroes you only need three hounds.

If the queen is exposed and near an air defense you trade a hound for a golem.  It will meat shield for your heroes so they can take down both the queen and the AD.  Chances are the golem will survive long after that absorbing lots of damage while your heroes continue to soften one corner of the base's defenses. You could also use a pekka if you think you can control it. Or valks since they are good against heroes.

The bottom line is, anytime you are using balloons as a major portion of your attack, you must have a plan for defeating the queen.

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