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A listing of what we consider virtues and vices.

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  • Have fun! It's just a game
  • Respect your clanmates.
  • Use both attacks if you opt in to war.
  • Follow the strategies given in the clan mail.
  • Be encouraging and supportive of clanmates.
  • Strive to learn from others and from your mistakes.


  • Don't use foul language in chat.  
  • Don't try to impress us with your greatness.  Nobody is great because of their video game prowess.  Be humble.
  • Don't blame the game for your failures.
  • Don't be a mooch.  Share your troops.*
  • Don't Attack in war with an empty clan castle or with inferior troops.

*Let higher TH levels fill war requests with high level troops.  But be generous with troops for loot raiding.

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