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Origins of the Few

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1Origins of the Few Empty Origins of the Few on Thu Aug 04, 2016 8:15 pm

This clan was set up by a group of four middle aged brothers who grew up playing RPG's and board games.  We wanted to find an online game that we could use as a platform to stay in touch and keep gaming together.  We settled on Clash of Clans but had trouble finding a clan that was able to provide all of the following:

  • A safe environment where we could game with our kids.
  • Competent Clanmates who could legitimately compete in war.
  • Leadership that applied rules consistently to all members.
  • An atmosphere of encouragement and support for learning the game.  

So we decided to create one.  With three kids and a spouse we had a decent start.  We added a friend and began recruiting to get a tenth person to start our first war.  Then we started piling up wins.  Quality recruits soon followed, many of whom became leaders in the clan.  We hit level 5 in just about four months.  At one point we had an 80% win percentage.

Then one of the founding members retired.  We lost another leader shortly afterwards.  A third leader stepped down.  A recently promoted leader quit.  Another recently promoted leader was booted for not using attacks.  We started losing half our wars to clans that would have been cake walks earlier. Something had to be done.  

So we purged the fat and started this forum to strengthen our community.  We got back to the basics: a small group of dedicated war-bringers.  Using this forum we hope to share our successes with future members so we can rebuild the clan into a Formidable force once again.

Who are the Few? Grimrock, Red Ligerton, Tropic Blunder, and 2nd Bro were the brothers.
Rover is a spouse, Finnluke is a friend.
BigStuff, Little Steve, and Rabid Munchkins are children of the brothers.
Trace and Manace were early enrollees who eventually became leaders.
Tamzilla and 38 Year Old Man joined soon afterwards and propelled the Clan into the 15/20 person war realm.  We ripped off 19 wins in a row with the help of their leadership.

Grimrock and 38 Year Old Man have since retired. Trace and Manace fell inactive. Tamzilla swapped out for Vashta Nerada. Jasper was Tamzilla's daughter but is now a placeholder used to round out to an even multiple of 5 when needed.

We are now entering stage 3 of our evolution.  Will we be able to recreate our past glory?  Yes, if you are willing to help!

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