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GoWiPe Limitations

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1GoWiPe Limitations Empty GoWiPe Limitations on Sun Aug 14, 2016 1:01 pm

Many TH9's use GoWiPe during war. And they should not. This army composition simply does not have enough speed to clear a decent TH9 base in less than 3 minutes. The pekkas nearly always end up on the perimeter of the base where they get shredded by point defense why they cut through collectors and barracks. It should only be used when you need to get 2 stars on a very tough base and you literally don't have any other options.

In this video we watch one of our opponents try to defeat one of our bases using the GoWiPe. He actually shows decent skill setting his funnel. His spells drops are bad but it doesn't matter. He doesn't even get close to three starring this base.

Watch, learn, and do not repeat.

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